February 5, 2010
Shangai's bike/pedestrian only highway

Shangai's bike/pedestrian only highway

Have you ever said, “Nashville’s great, but our public transportation sucks” or “If only Nashville had more bike lanes” or “Why don’t Nashville’s greenways connect throughout the city?”

If so, please take a few minutes and complete this survey sponsored by the Nashville Metro Planning Organization (MPO). Our city is working hard to improve Nashville’s future in transportation, and it takes advice from people who use alternative transit (whether it be a bike, a bus, or your two feet) to ensure that our city’s transportation future is bright.

I mean, what if Nashville stood up as a truly progressive city and bankrolled innovative projects, like a bicycle highway? What if the greenways, which have improved the community greatly, connected throughout town, making bike travel safer and easier? It takes each of us as individuals to create a movement, and as my friend Brooke says, “Participation breeds revolution.”


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January 14, 2010

This is awesome! Tennessee is one of twenty states (well…nineteen states and the District of Columbia) who will participate in the Safe Routes to School project. The project aims to encourage physical activities for kids, primarily lower income students. One way of doing this is to create easier ways to walk and bike to schools.

One thing that we have learned from the Workshop is that many students simply can’t bike to school because there are too many busy roads and intersections for them to cross. They want to use their newly tuned bikes, but it just isn’t safe for them to bike to school. An initiative like this could change Nashville’s future. If kids can start walking and biking to school, they will understand the ease and enjoyment of commuting without a car. Organizations are encouraged to join the project, contact Drew Jacobs at for more information. Spread the news!

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Good news, Murfreesboro. The county commissioner of Rutherford County has announced the creation of a bicycle committee, who will advise on plans for new bike lanes, “Share the Road” signage, bike parking, and ways to encourage healthy relationships between cyclists and drivers.

Murfreesboro has had an active cycling community for years, ranging from mountain and road riders to commuters and fixed. Considering the number of students, the relatively flat terrain, and small size of the town, it is truly a great place to ride. Hopefully bike lanes and paths will encourage growth in this already growing scene. Right oooonnnnnn.

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December 14, 2009

photo by Chris Callis

First off, thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated our first birthday party this weekend. Between the tacos, the records, and the kegs…I’d say we had a good time. The alleycat to benefit the Bike Workshop was postponed due to weather, but plenty of people went on a group ride and spirits were high. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love you have shown us in our first year. We plan to do it big in 2010.

Moving on… Music City Cycling is an awesome new site/discussion board for all things cycling in the middle Tennessee region. It was launched late last week, but there are already a number of threads up, with discussions ranging the full spectrum of bicycles. I am so happy to see this site up and running, and think it will be a great place for all cyclists in our region to discuss! Jump on there and get involved, post a group ride, and get connected to other cyclists.

Also, I encourage everyone to check out Nashville Urban Bicycle League Google group. It is a email list that has been in circulation for over a year now, and is also a fantastic way to communicate with other locals. Unite!

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December 5, 2009


NPR reported this week about road rage targeted at cyclists. Scary, scary stuff. Apparently a cyclist in L.A. was intentionally hit and then beat up by a driver, who said he was “teaching cyclists a lesson.” The case went to court and the driver was convicted, but the fact that any driver would do this baffles me.

The relationship between drivers and cyclists is one of the most important obstacles we face in pedestrian politics. It is encouraging to hear a national media outlet report on this, so help spread the word and educate!

You can listen to the entire story on the NPR website.

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