how to be awesome

July 30, 2015


We have ’em! Looking good Adams!

July 28, 2015


Chelsea swooped up the Holdsworth this weekend. Have fun Chelsea!

July 19, 2015

Dave's Klunker


Dave brought in his klunker for some work. This bike embodies the spirit of Halcyon and is a reminder that at the end of the day riding a bike should be fun. For those interested it’s an old KHS Montana Forest similar to the Montana Trail I posted a week or two ago. It has 26×2.1 (isn) Nevegals and is set up single speed with a coaster brake. I love a flat bar with levers to mess things up! This has me thinking a Nashville klunker ride is in order…

July 16, 2015


The Surly Pugsley is a pretty rad bike. This is the bike that started the fat bike craze (though not the original fat bike) many moons ago.  We brought this particular one in for a customer, so sadly it is no longer in stock. That being said, being a Surly dealer, it is one we can replace quickly. Take a peak:

July 14, 2015

To throw your leg over a bicycle!