March 14, 2015

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the North American Handmade Bicycle Show hosted in Louisville, KY for 2015.  Below are some of the most interesting things I saw.  With so many great exhibitors it is hard to take in everything adequately, but what I saw did not disappoint.  Below are some of my favorite images.  Click here for the full gallery.


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September 8, 2014


You are looking at a very clean Co Motion Espresso.  Made in Eugene, Oregon, this Reynolds 853 road is a great all-arounder.  73 degree head and seat tube angles mated to 41c stays makes this a good do it all road bike.  Co Motions look best in green.  This one is no exception.


August 24, 2014

aqua We had an Orbea Aqua flat bar road bike in the shop a few weeks back.  Now we are pleased to have a road model in.  This one is spec’d with Campy Mirage.  Aluminum with a carbon rear end.

July 23, 2014

This rolled in the door last week.  Essentially a 54cm, this is a nice ride for the person wanting a road bike with a flat bar setup.  All accessories are included.


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July 22, 2014


I snapped a bunch of photos with the intention of highlighting and trying to move this Rivendell Protovelo cx bike.  Luckily for the current owner, he snatched it up before I could make it public.  If you know me you know that I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for proper cx frames/bikes.  Since first riding this I was hoping whoever came home with it would give it a good thrashing like it was built for.  No matter how pretty a new frame looks, it always looks better with a splatter of mud or dust patina.  A week or two back the right stud came through the doors and made this his own.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with it and excited to see the Riv’ bang some barriers.  Hup hup!


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