December 2, 2008

come say hi!

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November 29, 2008

HB018Pake frame aka New Kid on the Block (HB018)

Size 55cm


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HB017Motobecane road bike aka Grey Goose (HB017)

Size XL

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HB016Schwinn Suburban aka Dad’s Bike (HB016)

Size large

Doesn’t this bike look like your dad would put you on the handlebars and ride you around the neighborhood?

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HB015Motobecane French bike aka Bicyclette (HB015)

Size small/medium

This is hands down the most popular bike in our shop. Definitely not the most expensive or fancy, the Bicyclette offers a bicycle experience reminiscent of the neighborhood cruising you did as a ten year old, complete with coaster brakes. Super tough yet delicate, all this bike needs a basket and a it is ready to be riden to the store. Tres jolie!

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