February 16, 2009

Some pictures of our most recent restorations at Halcyon Bike. Please email us or come down to the shop for more information on each bike!

(Click on image to enlarge)

HB066 Three Day Weekend Hb084 Brooke EarthmanRM001 Shady Groves FrejusHB070 Steel Wheelz HB083 Weekend at Bernie's (In France) HB082 Cake PieHB061 Refugee HB050 The Chauffeur HB052 Pascal HB054 Eight Bells HB085 Green Hornet HB073 Ripper HB065 Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr

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January 9, 2009

Our digital camera was out of commission for a minute, so apologies to the customers who did not get their picture taken with their new bikes!

pure classpure class

clubber the cat takes a ride

native pride

new owner


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January 2, 2009

our buddy (and andrew’s brother) craig was kind enough to document the couple of months leading up to halcyon bike’s opening. check it out:

another video via craig, of our grand opening party:


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December 16, 2008

we want to thank everyone who came out this past saturday and celebrated our grand opening. it was a huge success and we are still recovering. approximately 50 riders participated in the crankmas alley cat race, collecting enough cans to fill a truck bed! bridget from &3 catering served some fine grub, and diarama, weiners, and the mattoid entertained us (and our neighbors, who were kind enough to not call the cops) all evening long.

there are over 500 photos from the event, so as soon as they are edited down, we will do a massive upload for your viewing pleasure.

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December 10, 2008

bicycles are like children. you dress them up, you ride them around for transportation, you lock them up when you go into a restaurant…wait, no. bicycles are nothing like children.

HOWEVER the love and admiration one may feel upon buying a new bicycle is akin to the love of a parent to child, right? analogies aside, here are some pictures of the proud new parents of halcyon bicycles from our first week of business!

Picture 395

Picture 390Picture 394

Picture 385

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