April 2, 2009

Proud new parents of Halcyon Bike Shop!

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March 22, 2009

Ok, if you are more productive than I am, you may have begun the ritual of spring cleaning. Perhaps it is an annual event for you, or maybe you haven’t dug through the garage in the last decade. Either way, stuff accumulates. Including bikes, one of the most important and beautiful of the “stuff.”

We buy used bikes at Halcyon, either for a cash amount or for store credit. So, bring your old bike to us and walk out the door a few bills richer. And the house cleaner. We all win!


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February 16, 2009

As spring approaches, a cyclist’s mind begins to brood. Near are warm days and long rides, long gone are the face masks and winter gear to get through your commute. Race season is around the corner, and early morning training rides become essential, making those extra holiday pounds get more noticeable. Many road riders must ask themselves the all encompassing question: to race or not to race?

We  understand the many issues that may weigh into your decision to participate in road racing. Joining any sport can be intimidating, not to mention expensive. But the joys of competition and comradery are immeasurable, and Nashville’s passionate race community are a welcoming bunch. Now, about those bikes…

Road race bikes are different from other road bikes, featuring superior engineering and materials specific to a racer’s needs. At Halcyon, we are happy to help you find the right race bike for you. We carry a select number of race ready bikes, used of course, helping you save some hard earned money.

HB067 Sergent Blanco TS001 Giant OCR CA001 Masi Gran Corsa

(click on image to enlarge)

Or, maybe you are a seasoned racer, and are looking to upgrade your bike this season. If you would like to sell your old race bike on consignment, Halcyon Bike would love to help you out. Drop by the shop, bring your bike, and we will set you up.

Happy riding!

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Some pictures of our most recent restorations at Halcyon Bike. Please email us or come down to the shop for more information on each bike!

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HB066 Three Day Weekend Hb084 Brooke EarthmanRM001 Shady Groves FrejusHB070 Steel Wheelz HB083 Weekend at Bernie's (In France) HB082 Cake PieHB061 Refugee HB050 The Chauffeur HB052 Pascal HB054 Eight Bells HB085 Green Hornet HB073 Ripper HB065 Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr

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January 9, 2009

Our digital camera was out of commission for a minute, so apologies to the customers who did not get their picture taken with their new bikes!

pure classpure class

clubber the cat takes a ride

native pride

new owner


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