October 7, 2011


Thank you so much to everyone who voted in this year’s Best of Nashville poll by the Nashville Scene! We came in 2nd place as Best Bicycle Shop in the reader’s poll, congratulations to Eastside Cycles!

Cheers to another year!

October 4, 2011

It’s the last day to vote for us in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville. You can follow this link and vote under the Goods & Services tab. We strive to give it our all here in the shop and will continue to be the best humans we can. There are several great bike shops in Nashville which is one of the many reasons that makes this town awesome. We’d be honored and humbled to receive your vote.

July 13, 2011

Holy Crap! Tour De Fat was a blast!
Over 600 riders were in the parade and 1500 attended the after party!

Thanks to our beautiful volunteers we raised $1750 for the Workshop!

From everyone at the Bike Shop and the Workshop, we’d like to thank Michael Craft, John Gartland, Aimee Gilchrist and Coleman Morris from New Belgium, Thomas Solinsky from Sound Forrest and all the rest of crew! We couldn’t have had a better time! You guys were awesome and very much welcome back to Nashville!

Looking forward to next year!

July 5, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, a message from New Belgium Brewery:

Yes folks, the Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 13 U.S. cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Along with our exceptional ability to roust a city”s inner-cyclist, in 2011 we hope to drive our message even deeper by bringing you the biggest, most enjoyable traveling bike festival that we know of.

The Ride begins at 10 am July 9th at Centennial Park, but be there early to register.

Sounds fun. Right?

The Tour De Fat has been entertaining the masses and raising cycling awareness for the past few summers and this year we’re lucky enough to have this circus come to our city!

I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a Tour De Fat, but I’ve seen the pictures. It looks wild! Also, this will be the first time Metro has allowed the sale of alcohol in Centennial park!

Halcyon Bike and our volunteers will be busy in the Arts and Crafts booth making t-shirts(bring a shirt and we’ll silkscreen a crazy “good times” logo on it!) and jewelry to dress up the crowd. The money we make will go to the Bike Workshop at the Oasis Center!

New Belgium will also be raising money for our friends at Sound Forrest and Walk/Bike Nashville!

We recommend waking up and joining us for a good time this Saturday!
And yes, costumes are completely recommended/preferred!!

We may need some extra volunteers, so if you are interested contact

Hope to see you there!

July 1, 2011

This Sunday, July 3rd, the 12th South Taproom is hosting a “7 Bridges” ride!
We are encouraging EVERY level of cyclist to come ride. We’ll be riding at a slow/leisurely pace to maximize our enjoyment!
We’ll be heading out from the Taproom at 6:30pm, so get there a few minutes early!

If your bike needs any small repairs, we can take care of that before we leave!

Here are some details from Sound Forrest Thomas:

About The Seven Bridges
1. Gateway to the Gulch Bridge on 12th South (crosses the river of cars on
the inner loop freeway. This “Gateway” to the Gulch welcomes riders from the
12 South Neighborhood and Edgehillhood to the Gulch)
2. The Mighty Jefferson St. Bridge (crosses the Cumberland River, This is as
close as it gets to feeling like one is riding on the Freeway and cars
driving freeway traffic speeds. Note* There is a very nice wide sidewalk to
consider using.)
3. Woodland Street Bridge (Crosses the Cumberland, Big Climb! Vistas of the
grand LP Field ) [potential pit stop 1]
4. James Robertson Bridge (named after explorer and friend of Daniel Boone,
Crosses Cumberland, ein kühles Bier Stein erwartet Sie im Gerst Haus)
[Potential pit stop 2]
5. Shelby Pedestrian Bridge (originally opened July 5th 1909, opened again
in August 2003 as one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world,
Crosses Cumberland) [Potential pit stop 3]
6. Demonbreun St. Viaduct (Opened Oct. 14th 2006. Crosses the mighty CSX
Rails of the Gulch below. In the distance to the north west one can catch a
glimpse of Union Station and the Flying Saucer ) [Potential pit stop
distraction; Deja Vu]
7. Demonbreun Pont (Crosses river of cars on the inner loop freeway. Welcome
to Demonbreun and a host of pubs. [Caution* Demonbreun Circle lays ahead at
the top of the hill, excess drinking may cause riders to loop continuously])
[Potential pit stop 4]
8. [Potential pit stop 5]

Potential pit stops
1. [Riverfront Tavern, Beer Seller]
2. [Gerst Haus]
3. [Broadway Brewhouse, or pick your honky tonk]
4. [Tin Roof, McGuiness Pub]
5. [PM]

~Ding Pedal Ding~ Bike Bells encouraged