July 27, 2014

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, those Salsa frames from the 90′s and early 2000′s are pretty iconic.  This Campeon fits the bill; scandium frame with carbon fiber seat stays.

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July 26, 2014


Soma makes some pretty frames and this build is pretty rad.  The weekends cry for long rides, good food and fun bikes.  This Stanyan build fits the bill.  Simple, classic, reliable, with 6800 and a cockpit and accessories by Nitto.

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July 20, 2014

Our friends at Velo Coffee have created a Kickstarter campaign so they can take their operation to the next level.  Help support some local folks who elevate our bicycle and coffee experience here in  Tennessee.  Keep up the good work y’all!  Click here to read more and support.

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You’re probably already familiar with the name and heritage of Waterford.  If not, brew that coffee and get to reading!  There’s not much to say about this bike that the photos don’t say for themselves.  It’s impeccably clean and built the way a truly nice bike should be.  Whoever put this thing together has good bike vibes.  I’m ready for the hatred to spill upon me but the DA 7800 groupo is the best.  Sure, you can make a case for a select few other groups but 7800 is tight.

This Wisconsin bike is awesome.  Bring in a sixer of Moon Man and we just might make you a deal…

_DSF5036 _DSF5043 _DSF5046 _DSF5049 _DSF5054 _DSF5055 _DSF5059 _DSF5061 _DSF5064 _DSF5067 _DSF5071

July 19, 2014


When the former owner of this bad boy came in I was instantly hooked.  Like so many bikes that come through the door, it’s not a ‘classic’ but it’s one of those solid riders that you are excited to have on hand.  I’m normally not into the red/black motif but this one looks just right.  Marin has done a lot of silly things over the years but this one is pretty right.  I’d never seen the Verona (or heard of it for that matter) and also had never seen the Columbus Thron sticker indicative of the pipes this shooter is built from.  It doesn’t appear to be a tubeset Columbus produced for more than a decade but it sat smack in the middle of their lineup.

If you’re looking for a solid bike to get you into the road market this could be the ticket.  Bikes like this excite me and envoke a bit of envy.  Had I had the sense as a young pup I’d have sought out a solid steel road bike instead of dropping bones on yet another $800 entry-level stock model that every bike company produces.  If you’re in the 54-56cm frame range market stop in and take this guy for a lap around Sevier.

Hey, if you have any other Columbus Thron information hit me up at nick@halcyonbike.com.