June 30, 2015

It’s summer and road bikes are the hot item.  We’ve got a few new ones in stock as well as some mighty nice metal bikes as well.  Check it:

June 29, 2015

The gallery below is a smattering of the current bikes in stock. Since Monday is our day to lock the doors and get caught up on work orders after getting the tires dirty, expect it to be our day to give an update on some current bike inventory.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but features some of the bikes in stock. Happy perusing.

June 28, 2015


mrbrown1Stop in and show off yours!


For whatever reason the bikes that we see come through our doors follow a pattern.  They come in waves.  The latest wave has been in the form of late 80’s/90’s Centurion road and touring models.  I’ve seen enough come in, purchased, refurbished and sold that it seemed sensible to do some research and find out more about the now defunct brand.

To spare the long history, Centurion is a brand started by Mitchell Weiner and Junya Yamakoshi.  The brand was the on-road sibling to off-road Diamondback.  For more of the history on the origins of Centurion as well as their American distributor WSI, see here.

Centurion produced many models before their final demise in 2000 but we most commonly see the LeMans and Ironman series.  Many of these bikes are badged as being built with ‘Tange 1′ or ‘Tange 2′ tubing.  I’ve long been familiar with the Prestige tubeset from Tange and that along with the apparent quality in construction of the Centurions we’ve seen got me interested in the difference and comparative quality of these bikes vs. others of their era.


Long story short, both Tange 1 and 2 tube sets are a double butted CroMo steel tubeset, hence the relative lack of weight of these models.  The claimed weights of tubesets and frames built from them indicate that weights are comparable to the likes of Columbus SL and Reynolds 531. The model shown in the gallery below is the Ironman Master series (purple) and LeMans (yellow) which came equipped with Shimano 600 components and is built with the ever so much lighter Tange 1 tube set, the LeMans Tange 2.  The weight savings are negligible compared to the Tange 2 series tubes found on the LeMans and more budget minded models.

If the gallery below is no indication, quality and heritage aside, the Centurions certainly coveted a wild but classic paint scheme.  With graphics that scream the influence of Keith Haring and colors that give a even the likes of a John Slawta-built rig a run for its money on the brightness scale, every Centurion road model we see is unique, bold and just the right amount of silly.  Chime in if you have any important Centurion details that need mention. Otherwise, enjoy two of the models that walked through our door and influenced this post.


June 27, 2015


We’ve had a gaggle of Canadian visitors in the shop today.  They’ve reminded us of an important adage:  anything but apathetic.  No apathy in the bike shop (eh)!  That button is on point!