July 20, 2014



You’re probably already familiar with the name and heritage of Waterford.  If not, brew that coffee and get to reading!  There’s not much to say about this bike that the photos don’t say for themselves.  It’s impeccably clean and built the way a truly nice bike should be.  Whoever put this thing together has good bike vibes.  I’m ready for the hatred to spill upon me but the DA 7800 groupo is the best.  Sure, you can make a case for a select few other groups but 7800 is tight.

This Wisconsin bike is awesome.  Bring in a sixer of Moon Man and we just might make you a deal…

_DSF5036 _DSF5043 _DSF5046 _DSF5049 _DSF5054 _DSF5055 _DSF5059 _DSF5061 _DSF5064 _DSF5067 _DSF5071

July 19, 2014


When the former owner of this bad boy came in I was instantly hooked.  Like so many bikes that come through the door, it’s not a ‘classic’ but it’s one of those solid riders that you are excited to have on hand.  I’m normally not into the red/black motif but this one looks just right.  Marin has done a lot of silly things over the years but this one is pretty right.  I’d never seen the Verona (or heard of it for that matter) and also had never seen the Columbus Thron sticker indicative of the pipes this shooter is built from.  It doesn’t appear to be a tubeset Columbus produced for more than a decade but it sat smack in the middle of their lineup.

If you’re looking for a solid bike to get you into the road market this could be the ticket.  Bikes like this excite me and envoke a bit of envy.  Had I had the sense as a young pup I’d have sought out a solid steel road bike instead of dropping bones on yet another $800 entry-level stock model that every bike company produces.  If you’re in the 54-56cm frame range market stop in and take this guy for a lap around Sevier.

Hey, if you have any other Columbus Thron information hit me up at

July 18, 2014


That’s the old adage right?  This bike is super cool but also a bit of an anomaly.  Don’t be fooled by the name; this bike is steel.  I don’t care too much for an explanation as it likely is full of a lot of bicycle industry mumbo jumbo, but the ‘boron bikes’ that Bianchi built for a number of years are essentially a mid to high grade steel tubeset with which they crafted some pretty solid models (most of these tubesets were made by Deda).  Early iterations had problems much the same as their scandium counterparts but by 2004 Bianchi had figured out a way to implement this lightweight steel alloy in a way that was sturdy and compliant without encountering some of the bottom bracket issues that their early boron models did.

Perhaps the most interesting and ironic aspect of this bike is the fact that it is one of the last ‘made in Italy’ steel Bianchi models and also one of the few that lacks the primarily celeste palette.  For the purist it may be off-putting but I happen to like it.  As the detail pictures show, it’s a bit on the wild side for Bianchi’s typically conservative aesthetic approach (that top tube is rad!).  Anyway, it’s a cool bike that rides well.  Of this specific sample you’re looking at a very well-kept steed.  While certainly not rare, those 10-speed campy groups are pretty superb.  It’s not exotic or likely to ever be a collector’s item but this is a real rider.  If someone can chime in on the exact year of this bike, hit the comments box up.  Until then I’m going with 2007.

It’s Friday…stop staring at pictures of bikes and get out and make some memories.  Get lost this weekend!

July 17, 2014


We stumbled upon this gem a couple weeks ago.  Serotta may be gone but impeccable samples still exist.  This is among them.  Built with the fabulous Colorado Concept tubeset designed by Reynolds for Serotta this gal is dressed to impress.  Handmade in Colorado.  Stop in and check her out.  In the meantime, enjoy:

July 16, 2014

In an effort to elevate our reach to you, we’ll be posting far more frequently on this site as well as our various social media outlets.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and/or like us on Facebook.  In the meantime we’re highlighting some of the exciting builds we have on hand at the moment.

To start, this Basso Gap (57cm) appears to be a 1990 model.  1990 was a good year.  MC Hammer stole our hearts with Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em and Marion Barry pulled a Rob Ford (kind of) before Rob Ford knew he was going to pull a Rob Ford (weird how that works).  Anyway, this bike is pretty legit.  Speaking of Mr. Barry, this bike is fast–like kick down your door in a D.C. hotel room FBI sting operation fast.  To be clear, this bike is legal in all 50 states, made in Italy from Columbus SLX pipes and ready to jam.  In case you didn’t notice, it’s pink and green–classic–1908 Howard University classic.  Really though, in all the advances the bike industry has made, one area we’ve clearly declined is our willingness to use the entire color palette .  We just don’t do it like we did in the 90′s.  Anyway, enough banter, check the bike out.  We’ll call her watermelon.  It’s summer, watermelons are the summer fruit and this is your summer bike: