October 9, 2009


Walk/Bike Nashville has been working extremely hard (and well) to make Nashville a pedestrian and cyclist friendly city, and tonight they will hold their annual meeting to discuss successes of the last year and present awards for Nashvillians who helped make the city more walkable/bikeable in 2009.

The meeting takes place at 6:45 at the downtown Farmers Market, but folks will be meeting at “a watering hole of their choice” in Germantown at 5:30 and walking from 5th and Madison at 6pm to the Farmers Market.

If you can’t attend tonight, please check out the Walk/Bike Nashville website, which has a lot of information, and consider becoming a member of this important local non-profit. It is $20 per individual, $30 for a family, and $100 for an institution. Awesome.

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brooks leather grips

Smell so good out of the package, look even better. DANG.

brooks leather grips

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October 8, 2009

Just got some new handmade love from Elle:

handmade by elle

Ambiguous Animal Totes, $20

handmade by elle

Saddle Covers $24

Perfect lil’ sweaters to keep your saddle and rump dry in the cold, wet weather!

handmade by elle

Back by popular demand: Amelia Aviator Helmet $40

Sooooo warm, and y’all know you need to have winter gear and ride in comfort this winter.

New t shirts from Chris Cheney, $20

chris cheney t shirt chris cheney t shirt


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Hello, proud new parents of Halcyon Bike. Click to enlarge these beautiful bikes with attractive owners.

proud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parentsproud new parents

proud new parents

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Sunday October 11th

Centennial Park

1pm sign up, 1:45 start

Pog Scavenger Hunt:

-100 pogs will be hidden throughout Nashville, west of the river anywhere from 1st Ave to 30th Ave
-Meet up at Centennial Park at 1:00 on Sunday October 11th for sign in
-Race starts at 1:30-1:45, and we meet back at Halcyon Bike Shop for a cookout at 4:00
-I will give you a manifest with all of the locations of the pogs
-You may operate as an individual or as a team, however if you choose to operate as a team the pogs you collect will be split evenly among your members

-Whoever collects the most pogs individually (or after team division) wins
-In the event of a tie, the two top performers will then play the Pog game to determine the winner
-Winner will receive the entire set of pogs and two slammers
-There are also extra “mystery” prizes for both the first and second place winners

The cookout will be Pot Luck. Bring something tasty to share with friends. Don’t care if it’s beer, cookies, chips, hotdogs, buns, whatever. Just bring something!

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