September 23, 2009


Our friends over at Skumlife have set up a new website/photoblog for your enjoyment. Expect some entertaining documentation of the trials and tribulations of urban cycling in Nashhville.

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September 17, 2009

hootenanny IV

The fourth annual Nashville freak bike fantastic celebration is upon us. Yes, we are talking Hootenanny. The Nashville chapter of Rat Patrol Bike Club will be hosting a weekend of bikes, bikes, and yes…bikes. Mix in some adult beverages, music, and a lot of fun loving folk, and you have a hootenanny.

If you are unfamiliar with freak bikes, then do yourself a favor and Google image search “freak bike.” Proceed to absorb the wonder of the freak bike.

The Saturday ride will begin at the Pirate Ship in Centennial Park, 3:15pm Saturday September 19th. Daniel, our resident Rat, can give you more information if you are interested. He is at the shop Tuesday-Friday and Sunday!

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September 11, 2009


Received the brand new R.E.Load Frontier Knapsack today. Handmade in the USA in Philadelphia, super durable and quite stylish, if I say so myself…

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September 10, 2009


Heads up to Nashville riders- two awesome rides are going on this Saturday, and both will benefit great causes.

First up is the Ride for Reading: Dirt, Guts, and Donuts ride this Saturday morning, September 12. It will take place on the trails at Lock 4, so bring your mountain bike! The race will be family friendly and will have several race classes, so everyone is encouraged to ride. A warning: the race involves…donuts. Eating lots and lots of donuts. Enough said.

The proceeds will go to Ride for Reading, an organization that hosts charitable rides across the country in order to donate books to children. Bikes, books, and donuts? Yes please. More info at

Next is the Country Cat Alley Cat ride Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Starting at Centennial Park, the Country Cat will be an urban race through Nashville’s streets. Proceeds will benefit Parkinson’s Disease research. There is some serious loot in the prize bag, including a Velocity DeepV wheelset and a custom messenger bag by Trash Bags. More info at their website,

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Check out this week’s Nashville Scene, which features Halcyon Bike in an article by Jim Ridley about buying local. AWESOME.


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